The field of Informatics touches numerous markets from Biotechnology and Medicine to Cellular Communications and Social Media. Each field has its own dependencies on vastly different informatics technologies that all create the necessity to process,analyze and effectively translate this information into value for thier respective target markets. Intimate knowledge regarding technology advances, future trends and benefits gained from managing this information is a neccessary component of any companies business model for our current generation.


Life Sciences

Life Science playes a key role in todays emgerging and growning markets. As technologies mature and new technologies are implemented, opportunities for new business ventures are created. In this fast changing environment, companies must be flexible enough to adapt and integrate new components into thier value chains and remove ones that are anitquated in order to remain competative. Technology advances in Diagnostics and Next Generation Sequencing are some examples of these market transformations that require new innovative approaches.



The medical industry and it's constituents has historically been relatively stable to market changes, largely due to the large hurdles of drug development and regulatory approvals. However, the recent emergence of markets termed "translational" or "personalized" medicine has imposed pressure on operational paradigms of the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, informatic, life science and pharmaceutical companies are developing new strategies to address these new markets.


Latest News & Insights

IT app solutions to patient managed health

A recent article in mHealth claims that there are 10,000 medical/healthcare apps available, 78% of consumers are interested in mobile health solutions and 88% of doctor's are wanting patients to monitor thier health at home. More statistics on the growing trend of patient's use of IT solutions to manage health can be found here.